August 4th, 2016

What’s next for LUUV?

Product expansion and market launch

People often think that being a startup is a luxury. Table football meetings, beers at lunch, and sitting in a cafe each day, sipping coffee and consuming homemade cake. A more accurate depiction of startup life is extremely long hours, weekends spent working, and at times, a severe lack of personal life.

Despite this, the startup scene is glorified around the world, and once you enter it, it’s difficult to picture any other way of life. This is because when you do succeed, even if you count the small goals along the way, the rewards for the almost literally backbreaking work, are enormous and very personal. After 2 successful crowdfunding campaigns, a successful investment campaign, over 60 video shoots, and several broken bones, LUUV has begun it’s manufacturing process.

This is a rather triumphant time in the life of any startup. You can see the light at the end of that long and winding tunnel. But you shouldn’t think that this is where the hard work ends. As we reach this point in the life of LUUV, we have come to know that this is just the beginning. It’s the beginning of what we can call a fully functioning company, with full-time employees, stock in the process of being manufactured, inventory management, business structure, CRM systems, and product development. Not that we didn’t think of any of this before, but when you reach this stage, you cannot afford to leave any stone unturned.

Product development is a big part of the success of any company, and is definitely the case with LUUV. So it’s with tremendous pleasure that we announce the launch of our latest products: The LUUV Action Gimbal, and ultraLUUV Action, to stand alongside solidLUUV — A professional, robust and waterproof steadycam that works with all action cameras, smartphones, compact & 360° cameras, under 500g.

The LUUV Action Gimbal is the most lightweight gimbal on the market. The Action Gimbal is wearable, so you can simply attach it to your pole, bike, helmet, drone, car and more. Gimbals are perfect for anyone wanting to capture more steady footage, without any knowledge of steadycams. The Action Gimbal is also compatible with a remote control option (sold separately) and attachments. Capture fully immersive, stabilized footage, with the click of a button.

ultraLUUV Action combines the advantages of both solidLUUV and the Action Gimbal, forming an extraordinary steadycam. ultraLUUV is a world-first in innovation, and ensures that the user can record cinematic, floating footage, with one hand. Where ultraLUUV Action really shines is in it’s usability. Due to the combination of electronic and mechanical stabilization, ultraLUUV allows the user to shoot virtually perfect, floating footage in no time. It is the perfect stabilizer for one-shot opportunities, dynamic and fast-paced filming, as well as for someone looking for a truly professional steadycam, without the training that needs to be done to use one. Of course ultraLUUV can be separated to be used just as solidLUUV, or as a gimbal. Easy, shake-free footage, with every movement.

As LUUV continues it’s journey, we continue to develop, grow, and enter new markets, which is an important element for success after the Kickstarter buzz has faded.

The Berlin based hardware startup LUUV is creating innovative camera stabilization technology for a new generation of filmmakers, turning anyone into a film professional. LUUV’s first product, the revolutionary camera stabilizer solidLUUV, boasts innovative technology, has received numerous international awards, has been pre-ordered in more than 60 countries and is currently being prepared for imminent market entry.

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