October 21st, 2016

We have started shipping

Loading the first shipment into the DHL van

Delivering thousands of products in one go is quite a task. The nature of a mechanical stabilizer then puts this task on a whole new level. Because of the sensitivity of a mechanical steadycam, plus the sheer number of parts, it can take many weeks for each part to be built and tested. The assembly team then needs to setup each product, which can again take weeks, and that’s if everything goes smoothly. With startups it often doesn’t. Extensive quality control is essential for any new product to ensure that customers receive the highest quality. Once each product is tested and approved, they then need to be packaged and prepared for shipping. While the whole sequence can be lightly detailed in a few sentences, however, the execution is much more complicated and lengthy. This alone, is one of the many reasons we are delighted to announce that one year after our Kickstarter campaign, we are shipping our first solidLUUV units to our backers!

Flicking through some of the Kickstarter statistics, we have discovered that only 35% percent of projects get to this point, which isn’t a lot. In monetary value, that is US$307 million in unsuccessful projects, which is a lot. So apart from the mammoth task of reaching this spot, we are proud to be within the small number of projects that even get to this point and go further.

So what now? Well, apart from shipping to our backers, we have also extended our product line to include the Action Gimbal and ultraLUUV Action, and we are also launching our new webshop soon. Until the launch of our online shop, we are still taking pre-orders. We have also moved our factory to Berlin, making it easier and faster to assemble and perform quality control.

For the backers, apart from receiving their products, the most important part of our behind the scenes is the LUUV Community. This is an online forum where users have direct access to setup guides, online support from the team, as well as other users, video tutorials and tips and tricks about getting the most out of your product.

Order now and save 15% on all products and still receive your product in the first batch of products! Use code SAVE15 in the checkout to save up to €80 on your stabilizers, and start filming like a pro!

About LUUV

The Berlin based hardware startup LUUV is creating innovative camera stabilization technology for a new generation of filmmakers and turning anyone into a film professional. LUUV’s first product, the revolutionary camera stabilizer, solidLUUV, boasts innovative technology, has received numerous international awards and has been pre-ordered in more than 60 countries. It is currently being prepared for imminent market entry.