A reinvention of the traditional steadycam


3-axis mechanical steadycam

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LUUV’s vision is to transform traditional film production technology and make it accessible for everyone. The result is solidLUUV – our vision in a product.
solidLUUV is for modern filmmakers who demand more than bulky and complicated steadycams and seek to push the boundaries of video. Unlike traditional steadycams, solidLUUV combines an array of new unique features all in one compact, robust, and easy-to-use product.
solidLUUV is a mechanical stabilizer for all cameras up to 500g. The weight in the bottom can be adjusted in order to find the perfect horizontal and vertical balance for each camera. It is simple to set up, making it perfect for filmmakers that seek an easier way to film but are not willing to compromise the quality of the footage.


Jürgen Drensek

Video-Columnist for AWAY by Holidaycheck
and Marco Polo / VDRJ-Honorary Chairman

“LUUV is part of a technological revolution that we are experiencing at the moment. Previously, you were only able to produce stabilized footage with a 6-digit production budget and a trained 10-man production team with various sliders and automations. Today everything can be stored in a travel bag.

Despite its compact design, solidLUUV is not the lightest but definitely the most effective camera stabilization system on the market. It is not worth choosing the lightest stabilization for my camera, if that means I have to use software in the postproduction which comes with a lot of negatives.

Smooth panning and stabilized footage is now a part of life. No one wants shaky footage, no matter if it’s slow landscapes or hectic sports events.”


of solidLUUV

Versatile, flexible and compatible with all current and future cameras

solidLUUV is the most versatile steadycam available, designed to work with cameras ranging from GoPros and smartphones to compact cams up to 500g, as well as any future camera such as 360° cameras for VR.

The robust & waterproof design makes it perfect for any situation

Unlike most traditional steadycams, solidLUUV is a highly compact steadycam making it your perfect travel companion. The robustness of solidLUUV combined with the water- and weatherproof design makes it ideal for any outdoor activity.

One-hand operated and unique-structured grip ensures perfect shots

solidLUUV is operated using just one hand. By using your thumb and index finger you maintain full control of the motion with every movement and panning or follow shots are made effortless. The combination of the unique-structured grip, specially designed handle and 3-axis bearing dampens the vibrations that would otherwise transfer to your camera.

Film close to the ground with the innovative Up & Down feature

One of solidLUUV’s many features is the Up & Down mode, which allows you to discover new perspectives while filming. Simply twist solidLUUV 180° with a flick of your thumb to film close to the ground.

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A versatile steadycam compatible with all cameras up to 500g.

€199 €179

German build quality

solidLUUV is built in Germany – that’s pure German engineering.

solidLUUV – a professional steadycam for all cameras up to 500g

General information

solidLUUV is a professional steadycam for all cameras up to 500 grams – be it GoPros, smartphones, compact cameras, but also 360° cameras, as well as virtual reality camera systems and it provides high-quality camera stabilization.

solidLUUV consists solely of mechanical components and is therefore not dependent on batteries or weather conditions. The core part of the stabilizer is the bearing, which separates the movement of the body from that of the stabilizer, thereby contributing to the stabilization of the camera. solidLUUV is based on the principles of a traditional steadicam, only we have reduced the size of this new steadicam to a minimum. This opens up completely new possibilities in terms of camera stabilization. Now you have a steadycam for your GoPro, your mobile phone and a gimbal for your compact camera – all in one product.

The physical laws of a stabilizer in solidLUUV

You start by mounting your camera of choice on solidLUUV, using an adapter (included).
Since each camera has a different center of gravity, the counterweight that is added in the bottom of solidLUUV will always be different. The counterweight consists of small weight plates that is placed in the lower part of solidLUUV. The weight plates must be added (or removed) until you reach an identical weight in both top and bottom. This ensures that the movement of the body is separated from the camera.

The perfect travel companion

solidLUUV is the first stabilizer designed for outdoor use. It is compact and fits in a backpack (the size of a water bottle) but it is also robust, weatherproof and has an aerodynamic design with a solid shell that protects all internal components of the stabilizer and makes it a perfect companion on any trip.

Another important advantage of solidLUUV compared to a traditional steadycam is that it is much simpler to operate. The stabilizer hardly requires training, which means that everyone, whether professional or amateur, can experience the advantages of camera stabilization straight away. solidLUUV distinguishes itself from all other steadicams in that it is operated with just one hand. Thanks to the innovative handle, the stabilizer is easy to handle and does not require any background knowledge on how a traditional steadycam works.

The characteristic features of a LUUV steadycam

A unique feature of solidLUUV is the revolutionary Plug&Play feature, which makes it even easier to use. Where a traditional steadicam requires a lot of training, as well as a certification and a lot of time and effort when changing the camera, the plug-and-play feature of solidLUUV allows you to achieve the perfect balance in just a few steps. If, for example, the stabilizer is only to be used as an iPhone steadycam and it is always the same iPhone, a new setting is not required, even if the camera is removed in between shootings. For the most popular cameras and smartphones, we have a database of recommended weight setups available for download in our LUUV Community Forum. We refer our customers to this database, so that the mounting and/or changing of their camera will take less than 5 minutes. Anyone in the LUUV Community can add to the database with their own setups, ask questions and share content.

This way it is easy to setup solidLUUV with different compact cameras and swap between them. Of course, there’s also the possibility for professionals to fine-adjust the steadycam themselves and to find their own setup for the perfect camera stabilization.
In terms of camera stabilization, solidLUUV offers even more advanced features such as the Up&Down feature, which allows you to capture new perspectives. No other steadycam in the world has this feature that allows the user to film up to 1 cm from the ground by twisting the stabilizer 180°.

All these features make solidLUUV a comprehensive, professional steadycam ideal for both people that have experience with Steadicams and complete newcomers.