solidLUUV Pro

Drone-stable video on the ground


2×3-axis electromechanical steadycam system

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solidLUUV Pro is a modular steadycam system. The combination of the two separate stabilizers, solidLUUV and the ACTION GIMBAL, lead to the highest level of stabilization available for a GoPro while still being lightweight and compact.
solidLUUV Pro is for professional filmmakers who demand expert-level stabilization and are looking to create flawless, cinematic footage, even in difficult situations. Walking through a crowd of people, overcoming rough terrain or exploring hidden alleyways while filming has never been easier.
solidLUUV Pro incorporates the best of two worlds: leading mechanical stabilization and expert electronic technology in just one small product. Previously, filmmakers needed to bring bag upon bag of equipment, with solidLUUV Pro you are able to carry a full-fledged production unit in one small bag.


Demian Villanueva

Industrial designer, filmmaker,

“As a filmmaker I had seen many stabilizers out there, from DIY bended sheet metal to mere digital solutions, but none could accommodate to my needs as there was always situations where they would fall short. solidLUUV Pro merges the best of two worlds: mechanic and electronic stabilization in a compact all-in-one solution, ready to use, separately or in pair. This gives you freedom.

Do you want to pack light? Use the electronic ACTION GIMBAL. Don’t want to worry about weather? Go with just solidLUUV. Do you want the best stabilization no matter how shaky you are? Go with solidLUUV Pro! When weather or possible damage is not an issue I use solidLUUV Pro as my primary setup as it offers me the best stabilized footage from the first shot. It can avoid shaky hands and it can perform incredible pan shots and smooth transitions.”


of solidLUUV Pro

Delivers powerful & cinematic results, always

solidLUUV Pro, our leading steadycam system combines the advantages of mechanical stabilization, with expert electronic technology to create a 2×3-axis stabilizer, the first of its kind. The result is powerful and cinematic footage as if shot with a drone. It’s revolutionary, next-level stabilization.

Requires no prior experience with steadycams

The learning curve related to traditional steadycams is removed with solidLUUV Pro. It doesn’t require hours and hours of training. It is uncomplicated to set up and use and even beginners are able to create perfectly flawless footage, with every shot.

One-hand-operated and fingertip controlled

solidLUUV Pro is operated using only one hand. By using your thumb and index finger on the unique structured grip, you maintain full control of the motion with every movement and panning or follow shots are made effortless. The combination of the unique-structured grip, specially designed handle and 3-axis bearing dampens the vibrations that would otherwise transfer to your camera.

Capture new perspectives using the unique Up & Down feature

solidLUUV Pro still has the Up & Down feature from solidLUUV, despite the ACTION GIMBAL mounted on top. solidLUUV Pro is not restricted in any way and you can turn it 180° to create drone-stable footage exceptionally close to the ground.

World class 2-in-1 stabilization

When flexibility is key, you can separate solidLUUV Pro to solidLUUV and the ACTION GIMBAL and enjoy the many features of the two individual products. Discover the versatility of solidLUUV, which works with all cameras up to 500 g or explore the many mounting options of the ACTION GIMBAL, such as a bike, board, chest or the pole for a handheld gimbal.

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solidLUUV Pro

Revolutionary, next level-stabilization for flawless footage with your GoPro.

€468 €399