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A 3-axis electronic gimbal for GoPro

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Capturing good-looking videos with your GoPro can be frustrating because the footage often comes out shaky. With the ACTION GIMBAL shaky footage is in the past. Our gimbal enables you to create footage that look more professional than ever before.
The ACTION GIMBAL is a feature-rich gimbal for GoPro and similar sized action cameras. It is one of the most lightweight and wearable gimbals available and perfect for action shots. Regardless if you’re a snowboarder, skater or BMXer, you will get shake-free footage, always.
The ACTION GIMBAL comes with an array of accessories. Mount the gimbal on your bike, board or helmet or turn it into a handheld gimbal by using the included pole. You can choose between several filming modes that each allow you to capture the perfect angle, no matter the situation. The LUUV ACTION GIMBAL is perfect for anyone with a GoPro!


Greg Stevens

Professional Filmmaker, Photographer
and Snowboarder

“I’ve been follow-cam filming snowboarding on rails and kickers passionately now for at least 8 years. My first video set up was a super expensive Baby Death lens with a HD Video Camera with follow-cam handle which gave good diagonal angle of view, but sadly the quality and colour balancing was barely adequate and of course the lack of image stabilisation was always a big negative factor on top of that.

I was always put off of using Go-Pro’s on the end of a filming pole because of the even more shaky footage that you simply couldn’t avoid by using a pole. But then I started using the LUUV ACTION GIMBAL… and the results were breathtaking!! I can’t quite explain to you using words.. all of a sudden you jump from creating touristy shaky footage to PRO mind blowing footage. I NEVER thought for one second it could be this good. You literally can create footage you’d expect to see from gear worth thousands.

I would never ever go back to using anything else, the LUUV ACTION GIMBAL is compact, quick to set up, has a multitude of different functions for whatever filming you are using it for and just packs such a huge punch for the cost. It truely is a serious serious contender to the crazy expensive gear out there. I keep having so many exciting ideas of what I can use it for next!”



Lightweight & compact for high movement situations

The ACTION GIMBAL is super lightweight and compact. It is perfect for mounting on your bike or board and is designed for durability in action-packed situations. The small custom travel case means you can bring it with you everywhere.

A wearable and handheld gimbal

The ACTION GIMBAL gives you several mounting options. Put it on your helmet, bike, board and more or use the included extendable pole to turn it into a handheld gimbal. Then simply attach your GoPro HERO 5/4/3+/3 or a similar sized action camera and start filming.

4 electronic modes make it easy to capture every angle

To be able to capture the perfect angle, the ACTION GIMBAL can film in 4 modes: Panning mode, lock mode, panning & tilting mode and inversion mode. You choose between the different modes with just the click of a button.

The ACTION GIMBAL comes with a variety of accessories

The ACTION GIMBAL comes with a variety of accessories such as mounts, a custom carry case and an extendable pole. You also get 2 sets of Li-ion batteries and a separate charger. Each set gives you up to 4 hours of battery life and you will never have to worry about missing the perfect shot.

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Wearable & handheld GoPro stabilizer –
all in one product

€269 €249

The ACTION GIMBAL is perfect for any action sport.

Whether mounted on your bike, board or helmet, the ACTION GIMBAL will give you smooth shots, always.

The ACTION GIMBAL – a feature-rich 3-axis GoPro stabilizer

The ACTION GIMBAL – a feature-rich 3-axis GoPro stabilizer

The LUUV ACTION GIMBAL is a feature-rich 3-axis wearable gimbal for GoPros and other similar sized action cameras. The special configuration of the gimbal motors is the heart of this action camera stabilizer. It separates the movements of your hand from that of the camera and ensures the camera stabilization, at all times. The ACTION GIMBAL is an advanced GoPro stabilizer and has 4 different modes that offer full flexibility:

  • panning mode
  • lock mode
  • panning & tilting mode
  • inversion mode

The 4 modes are especially useful when you want to turn your ACTION GIMBAL into a wearable gimbal.

The numerous options of use for the ACTION GIMBAL

The LUUV ACTION GIMBAL is a highly versatile GoPro gimbal. You can mount it to the included pole turning it into a handheld gimbal, ideal for fluid shots. The pole can be extended to a full 710mm so that you can film high above your head or really close to the ground to capture new perspectives.

For more action packed activities, you can attach the GoPro stabilizer to a range of different accessories in a few small steps and mount it to your:

  • bike
  • board
  • helmet
  • chest piece
  • pole (handheld gimbal)
  • all other camera accessories

The LUUV ACTION GIMBAL is an extremely lightweight action camera gimbal, which makes it perfect for high-movement situations and action sports. Whether you are into skiing, skating, snowboarding or biking, the wearable gimbal will capture perfectly stabilized footage when moving. Our LUUV ACTION GIMBAL is a premium action cam stabilizer and it can even be attached to a drone for impressively smooth aerial footage. The LUUV ACTION GIMBAL is a compact GoPro gimbal and can easily be transported in our custom travel case.

How to use the different modes of the LUUV action camera stabilizer

With the 4 different modes, our GoPro stabilizer offers perfect camera stabilization no matter the angle. Use the panning mode of the GoPro gimbal for more beautiful dynamic shots, for example broad landscape shots shot with the handheld gimbal. The lock mode is perfect for rough terrain when you want to focus on a target and avoid that the camera follow any direction. It is also really useful for vlogs. Panning & tilting mode is perfect for when the target moves above you, for example when snowboarding. The last mode of our GoPro stabilizer is the inversion mode, which is perfect for the wearable gimbal strapped to a chest piece or a drone.

Never has it been easier to capture shake-free footage

It requires no training or previous knowledge on action camera stabilizers to operate the LUUV ACTION GIMBAL. Simple attach your GoPro camera to your handheld gimbal or wearable gimbal and turn it on. The GoPro gimbal comes with a separate charger and 2 sets of rechargeable batteries so that you are always prepared for long stretches of filming. When you receive your action camera gimbal from LUUV, it is already set up to fit the GoPro HERO 4/3+/3. The mounting bracket for the new GoPro HERO5 is included and you can quickly and easily convert it.

The theory behind a LUUV action cam gimbal

A gimbal is basically what allows the rotation of an object around a single axis and they are used to balance the movement of cameras. 3-axis gimbals are used in camera stabilization systems that are designed to make sure that no vibrations or shakes are transferred to the camera while shooting. A 3-axis gimbal is powered by three brushless motors. These motors have the ability to keep the camera level on all its axes while the camera moves. A gimbal is a quite impressive piece of technology in that the this type of action camera stabilizer is able to notice the difference between deliberate movement, suchas panning and following mode, and the movement that comes from undesirable shakes. This makes the footage look like the camera is floating through the air. Gimbals work exceptionally good in situations where sudden shakes or other unexpected movements would make tripods or other camera mounts unusable.