June 16th, 2016

5 tips for smooth manufacturing and production

for your hardware startup

Hardware is not just building a product and sending it to your backers. So many supply chains and third parties are involved. One of these third parties is the factory. The factory produces and/or receives all the pieces and has the job of assembling these pieces into, what you you consider your pride and joy: Your product.

As a hardware startup currently going through this process, we wanted to share our top 5 tips on working cohesively with your factory.

1. Get to know their portfolio.

Knowing who your factory has worked with in the past, and what products they have successfully manufactured is very important for your hardware startup. If in doubt, ask for references. Your factory becomes a part of your business, so you should treat it as you would any employee. The more open everyone is, the easier the partnership will be.

2. Educate them on your product.

Sure, they have learnt how to assemble your product, but do they know what the goals of the company are? What is the product for? Who is it for? The more they know about your product and your company, the better they will understand why a particular piece is so important, or why the assembly needs to be done in this exact way. And of course, the more they know the more they will feel like part of the team.

Communicating with our factory about solidLUUV Stabilizer.

3. Have a mutually beneficial partnership.

The partnership can’t be one-sided. Sure, you can challenge details in the agreement, but ultimately, you want them to do the best job possible. So both parties need to be happy. Hash out all the legal, financial and assembly details early on, so there is no confusion or disagreement at a later stage.

4. You are a scalable. Are they?

You are a scalable hardware startup, so once you hit the market you plan to expand your production. Can your factory handle this?

5. Get to know them personally.

Production and assembly are so critical to your business, so it’s important to get to know the people behind the factory, regardless if they are local or international. Getting to know your factory team is just as important for you, as it is for them.

LUUV is a Berlin-based hardware startup and are responsible for creating the world’s first all-in-one video stabilizer for all action cameras, smartphones, compact and 360° cameras.

You can pre-order your LUUV stabilizers now: www.luuv-stabilizer.com