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LUUV develops high-quality camera stabilizers that cater to all needs, regardless of profession or experience.


Be it that of a sports enthusiast, a journalist or a professional filmmaker. All our stabilizers offer you maximum flexibility and enable you to make exceptionally smooth footage while moving.


We’ve been trusted with some of the biggest industry awards

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Choose between solidLUUV, the ACTION GIMBAL or combine them and get solidLUUV Pro


3-axis mechanical steadycam for any camera up to 500g

Professional, compact, robust. solidLUUV is a reinvention of the traditional steadycam and works with all action cameras, smartphones, compact & 360° cameras, up to 500g. Create smooth, high-quality footage with any camera, in any situation.

€199 €179

solidLUUV offers an array of special features:

One hand +
full control


Compact &

Upside down


3-axis electronic gimbal for GoPro

Wearable, versatile, lightweight. The ACTION GIMBAL is perfect for anyone with a GoPro or similar sized action camera. Wear it on your helmet, board or bike or create your own handheld gimbal. Capture fully immersive, shake-free footage with the click of a button.

€269 €249

The ACTION GIMBAL offers an array of special features:

Lightweight &

Wearable &

4 electronic


You want more?

Upgrade to solidLUUV Pro by combining solidLUUV

solidLUUV Pro

World’s first electromechanical steadycam with double stabilization

Powerful, precise, cinematic. Combining solidLUUV and the ACTION GIMBAL gives you the best from two worlds: leading mechanical stabilization paired with expert electronic technology. The result is revolutionary, next-level 2×3-axis stabilization for your GoPro.

€468 €399

solidLUUV Pro offers an array of special features:

Powerful &
cinematic results

Requires no

Upside down

One hand +
full control

2 in 1 world class

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LUUV – innovative camera stabilization for everyone

solidLUUV stabilizer as a basis

With their range of camera stabilization systems, LUUV offers a solution for all those who love steady shots, no matter their profession – from amateur filmmakers to professional steadycam operators. Thanks to a new generation of stabilizers, shaky footage shot with action cameras, smartphones or compact cameras is now finally history. The camera stabilizers from LUUV will meet your every demand.

solidLUUV is a professional steadycam for compact cameras, GoPros, smartphones and all other cameras up to 500g and provides optimal stabilization of the camera. Thanks to its modular design, it is also compatible with all future cameras within the same weight range. At the same time, solidLUUV is also the first stabilizer world-wide that ensures steady shots with a 360°-camera.


LUUV’s vision is to become the leading supplier of innovative filming technology within the area of ​​camera stabilization and our product range deals with the issue of shaky footage while moving with the camera. We have different products for different target groups – currently our product portfolio is divided into three areas:

The corner stone of our various camera stabilization systems is solidLUUV, a mechanical steadycam. It is a reinvention of the traditional steadicam but is made for filming when moving. Thanks to a patent-pending technology, solidLUUV separates the movement of the body from the one of the camera and ensures the stabilization of the camera at all times. This gives you professional footage no matter the situation. solidLUUV democratizes expensive and complex film technology such as the traditional steadycam and makes everyone a film professional. solidLUUV Pro is a combination of solidLUUV (steadycam) and the ACTION GIMBAL and combines the benefits of a steadycam with the advantages of an electronic gimbal, thus providing a complete camera stabilization system for steady shots in any situation.

Customer benefits – user-oriented camera stabilization for everyone

LUUV’s products – whether the electronic gimbal or the steadycam – are targeted at anyone who films while moving. Because of the internet, video content becomes more and more important and thanks to the development of the smartphone, we see more and more amateur videos being published online. Professional film technology has since then become available to everyone.

The need for shake-free videos is big and the target groups are diverse: snowboarders on the slope, families on holiday, journalists in action or real estate agents who want to present their objects in an attractive way. In order to meet all our stakeholders, we put great emphasis on having a timeless product that is always ready for use and at the same time robust and durable.

Made in Germany – a long-lasting steadycam

We focus on the highest quality when it comes to our products and we place great importance on efficient communication and trustworthy references when selecting our production partners. That’s why we work exclusively with leading companies within the area of development and production here in Germany and why we choose solidLUUV to be a product of Germany.

International awards

The camera stabilizers of LUUV are well-known far beyond Germany’s borders. An international community has formed around solidLUUV in the past couple of years. We proudly look back on two successful crowdfunding campaigns for the stabilizer solidLUUV, the complete camera stabilization system solidLUUV Pro and our customers from more than 60 countries around the world.

Furthermore, LUUV products have had more than hundred mentions in relevant press and the stabilizer solidLUUV has received several awards, including: