To answer your questions as quickly as possible, here is a list of frequently asked questions.

What camera models is solidLUUV designed for?

solidLUUV works with all action cameras, smartphones, compact and 360° cameras, weighing up to 500g. For further enquiries please contact us directly at support@luuv-stabilizer.com

Can I expand my camera with a lens or another accessory on solidLUUV?

Yes, as long as the combination of accessory and camera is not heavier than 500g.

Does solidLUUV work with DLSR cameras?

We are working on a DSLR kit so solidLUUV will be compatible for larger cameras in the near future. Subscribe to our newsletter and and we will notify you as soon as there is an update.

What is inside of solidLUUV?

Inside solidLUUV is a patent-pending mechanism that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the weights for your respective camera.

Can I purchase solidLUUV and upgrade to ultraLUUV ACTION later?

Yes, thanks to its modular setup of solidLUUV, you can upgrade anytime. solidLUUV works with our ACTION GIMBAL, creating ultraLUUV ACTION – The world’s first 2×3-axis stabilizer and most compact and powerful steadycam on the market.

Can I purchase the ACTION GIMBAL and upgrade to ultraLUUV ACTION later?

Yes, thanks to the modular setup of solidLUUV, you can upgrade to ultraLUUV ACTION at anytime. The ACTION GIMBAL works with solidLUUV to create ultraLUUV ACTION – The world’s first 2×3-axis stabilizer and most compact and powerful steadycam on the market.

Can I separate ultraLUUV ACTION and use solidLUUV and the ACTION GIMBAL separately?

Yes, thanks to the modular setup of solidLUUV, you can separate it from the ACTION GIMBAL and use each of them separately.

What can I attach the ACTION GIMBAL to?

The ACTION GIMBAL is wearable, so as well as attaching it to a pole to create a handheld gimbal, you can also attach it to your helmet, chest piece, bike, car, drone, and more.

How does the ACTION GIMBAL work?

The ACTION GIMBAL uses two IMUs (inertial measurement units) to detect to the movement of the camera, and contains three brushless motors to stabilize those movements. With each mode (panning mode, lock mode, panning & tilting mode and inversion mode) the gimbal’s algorithms determine the differences between these intended movements, and the unwanted shaking.

What action camera models is the ACTION GIMBAL designed for?

The ACTION GIMBAL works with GoPro HERO 3, 3+,4 & 5 plus same-sized cameras, with or without BacPac (LCD or battery).

Which batteries work with the ACTION GIMBAL and how long do they last?

The ACTION GIMBAL uses Li-Ion batteries. Depending on the usage, these will last for approximately 3-4 hours.

When will receive my order?

The ACTION GIMBAL, solidLUUV and ultraLUUV are for sale now. All products ship within 24 hours. You will be notified by email with your tracking code so you can follow the status of your package. Delivery usually take 3 – 5 business days for Germany. Delivery times for other countries vary.

What kind of weather conditions are solidLUUV, ultraLUUV ACTION and the ACTION GIMBAL designed for?

Each stabilizer is designed for different use-cases.

The robust construction and the use of rustproof stainless steel (V2A) on all metal components allow unrestricted outdoor use of solidLUUV.

The ACTION GIMBAL is not waterproof, however can be used snowboarding in sunny weather, and in other similar conditions.

The electronic gimbal on ultraLUUV ACTION is not waterproof, however can be used, for example, snowboarding or in similar situations. If you have ultraLUUV ACTION and require it to be waterproof, you can simply remove the gimbal and use it as solidLUUV.

What will the shipping costs be?

Free shipping within Germany. For international shipping, costs vary depending on where we need to ship to. Prices can be checked with our Shipping Calculator in checkout. We will make sure that your package arrives on time and intact.